Kshama Pathak with her vast experience helps solve psychological problems of the patients suffering from anger and depression issues, exam stress, sleep disorder, family disputes, anxiety, marriage issues, mental retardation, stress, teenage and women’s issues.

She’s also capable and qualified for undertaking psychological assessments like measuring ability, talent, intelligence, competency and personality.

Kshama is PG in Clinical Psychology, has a Certificate in Guidance from IGNOU and is also an MA in Psychology. During the tenure of the post-graduation diploma in Clinical psychology held at the department of psychology St. Johns College, Agra; she has completed the case studies at S.N. Medical College with in diagnostic categories such as mood disorder, phobia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, paranoid disorder, substance-related disorder, mental retardation, tension, stress, sleep disorder. She also had the opportunity to participate in psycho therapies (in above cases) such as behavior therapy, cognitive, client-centered therapy, relaxation, reality therapy and counseling (under supervision)

Kshama Pathak will be available at Reboot with prior appointment.

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