Astha Ahluwalia- Chief Psychologist, Therapist, and Mental Well-being Trainer

Astha is the Chief Psychologist and Partner at Reboot Wellness. Her approach to therapy lies in compassion and connection, and she believes in helping her clients identify their strengths and develop resilience to deal with the challenges of life. Astha is moved by the concept of neuroplasticity, and believes that our brains are changing continuously; “and this right here is our magic” she says. Largely influenced by existential and humanistic psychology, Astha says “my work is to help my clients express, reflect, understand and accept, cope and manage, and grow in the process”.

She is a dynamic Psychologist with multidisciplinary skills that combine foresight and imagination for creatively addressing mental health concerns. Driven by a strong desire to bring about a change in how mental health is perceived in India, Astha has been working in the field since 2007. With over 12 years of experience, she has successfully established credibility in the areas of counselling and wellness, assessment and behavioural analysis, and training and coaching. She has a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, followed by a Second Masters in Family Mental Health from London, England.

Astha has an eclectic approach to therapy, and actively draws from the ideas of positive psychology and happiness. Her therapeutic practice also includes existential therapy, supportive psychotherapy, assertiveness training, social skills and communication training and using cognitive behavioural tools. She follows a person-centric, interactive, and collaborative approach, and believes in working along with the client to facilitate change and to enhance their psychological, physical, and social wellbeing. 

She works closely with corporates on mental health and wellbeing of employees and is also associated with International Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers, giving counseling and therapeutic support, along with workshops and training. She has been associated with Psyche Panacea, Gurgaon, Work Place Options, India, and Chestnut Global Partners-India, through which she has conducted employee workshops at Coca-cola, Hero Motocorp, Nike, FIS, Rockwell, Global Analytics, Nokia, Amex, Samsung, Genpact, Ernst &Young, Workplace Options (WPO), Sun pharmaceuticals, and Avery Dennison Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon to name a few. Through her organisational workshops, she has addressed a wide range of topics including Employee Wellbeing, Mind health, Women Empowerment, Lifestyle Concerns, Self Awareness, Parenting, and Work-Life balance. Astha has also provided termination counselling, and one-on-one employee counselling for mental health and lifestyle concerns for corporate employees, as a part of their Employee Assistance Program.

Astha holds a heartfelt passion for teaching and training and has developed internship programs for Psychology students to enhance their therapeutic and counseling skills, which are conducted thrice a year at Reboot Wellness. Focussed on making a difference to the educational setup in the country, she has been instrumental in providing services to schools and colleges and works actively with students, teachers, and parents on psychosocial development, personality enhancement, academic development, engagement and happiness in education, life skills development, positive parenting, and behavior modification. She has been associated with various educational institutes namely School of Life, Edu Solutions Pvt. Ltd., and Swashrit Society, through which she has provided Career Guidance, Career Awareness, and Training to students, young adults, teachers, and parents. She has curated and conducted various sessions and workshops at schools and colleges, on gender equality, sensitization on drug abuse, sexual abuse, and counseling skills.

She has been an active advocate of Mental Health Awareness, and all her endeavors in the field are primarily focussed on educating more and more people about Mental Health concerns, and promoting Holistic Wellbeing. A ubiquitous learner and a traveler at heart, Astha recommends ‘experiencing’ life is the best way to grow.