Astha Ahluwalia is a Consultant Psychologist with experience in counselling, coaching and mentoring. Astha works with individuals and families dealing with a variety of issues through individual and group therapy. She has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology; followed by a Second Masters in Family Mental Health from London, England.

Astha is moved by a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives and believes in providing feasible solutions that are self-empowering. Spreading awareness about Mental Health has been of prime focus for her. Astha offers insightful exposure to the individual through counselling and psychotherapies like existential therapy, supportive therapy, assertiveness training, social skills and communication training and using cognitive behavioural tools.

Astha is associated with mental health clinics and service providers. She is currently a consultant at The Apollo Clinic (now called The Miracles Mediclinic), Gurgaon and Wellskool Clinic Delhi.  She follows a dedicated and result oriented approach and works with an aim to tap the unlimited potential of individuals and enhance happiness and wellbeing at large. She helps individuals deal with anxiety and stress related problems at work or in personal life, phobias, sleep disturbances and disorders, depression, disturbances in married or family life, self-Esteem issues, emotional problems, issues related to anger management and other day to day problems. As a part of therapeutic and counselling work, Astha is also currently associated with Reboot wellness and in the past with Morpheus Healthcare; and has developed comprehensive programs for tackling sleep issues such as insomnia.  

Astha has been associated with various organisations and her key deliverables include Counselling and Therapeutic work, along with workshops and trainings.

She has developed and conducted various sessions and workshops on gender equality, drug abuse, sexual abuse along with sessions on stress management, work life balance, effective communication, wellbeing and lifestyle development, effective parenting with various organisations. She works closely with employees on mental health and wellbeing; and is also associated with international EAP providers, providing counselling/therapeutic intervention for interpersonal and relationship issues, work-place problems, termination counselling, stress and anger management, anxiety and depression.    

Astha is currently also engaged with a project on Sensitisation of Drug Abuse with the Ministry of Social Welfare/Women and Child Development; In the past she was also a Master Trainer for the Adolescent Education Program (AEP), an initiative by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of IndiaUnited Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), training teachers and principals on various Adolescent Issues.  She actively works with the educational institutes on psychosocial development, personality enhancement, academic development, engagement and happiness in education, life skills development, positive parenting and behaviour modification. With children and adolescents, Astha works with behavioural issues, self esteem problems, anxiety problems, attachment and emotional problems and career counselling. Astha has been involved in various trainings and workshops Pan India.

Astha has successfully established credibility in the areas of counselling and wellness, assessment and behavioural analysis, training and coaching. She has an eclectic approach and works with an aim to tap the unlimited potential of children, adolescents and parents; and enhance happiness and wellbeing at large.