Deal Anxiety and Loneliness with Reboot Wellness

According to a 7-year study of nearly 3,500 working-age adults by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, people who live alone are much more likely than others to take antidepressant medications. While staying alone cannot be equated to loneliness, it is likely to create more loneliness if you are dealing with anxiety.

We can’t underestimate the power of our mind to travel far and wide and as negative as it can be. Once anxiety seeps in, it will play devil’s advocate all the time unless of course, you have a company to distract you from your very evil thoughts.

Though it is great to have a ‘me-time’ and be occupied with your thoughts, the same is not true if those thoughts are melancholic, depressive and are demotivating.

If you have a friend, companion or a family member staying with you they will come with added advantages such as:

  • Shared joy and sorrows: It is no brainer that if you have someone to share your thoughts with joys will multiply and sorrows will reduce.
  • Decision making: What the world thinks about you should be of no use to you. However, having someone close by to give your opinion about a dilemma that you are going through can help you take a more informed decision.
  • Assistance: Apart from emotional and mental support, it is great to have a company in the hour of need. Be it moving household or getting that medicine if you happen to fall ill.
  • Whereabouts: Many a time you become unreachable – there is no connectivity or you simply leave your phone somewhere and all this while your parents try reaching you. That companion of yours would most likely know your whereabouts and can be the first point of contact for others (not living with you) to connect with and be assured that all is well.
  • Counselling: Staying in urban cities such as Delhi or Gurgaon has its own challenges which include hectic lifestyles, unhealthy eating, mental anxieties and stress. Going home to someone and sharing your daily bits in person is better than pretending something on social media, talking over the phone or texting. There are fewer chances of you to take professional help if your companion is able to relate to you and give good advice.

Once you start feeling lonely, studies have shown that it will lead to lower self-esteem, higher blood pressure, poorer immune functioning and an increased risk of dementia in later years of life. An anxious person is more likely to self-inflict pain and injuries if staying alone. If that is not alarming, don’t know what is. Therefore, if one has to opt between staying alone and staying with someone, choose the latter.

Author: Vibhuti Chhibber