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That age when every individual gets treated like a grown-up sometimes and like a child at some occasions. In fact every youngster hates to answer this million dollar question- “So, what are your career plans?” As soon as they touch upon their teen years; parents, friends, relatives and teachers keep asking the same question, all in a different format. The pressure keeps building upon the teenager and the feeling of being pushed to the corner, with this sudden responsibility of taking charge of their life is all too inundating.

A warm supportive parent-child tie allows the teen to explore ideas which promotes values such as independence and freedom, which in long run helps in making career choices. Unfortunately being a part of a collectivistic society our caregivers take a major role in making our life decisions. At times, parents look at their children as an embodiment of their unfulfilled dreams and push them towards pursuing what they feel is ideal. They disregard the fact that possibly their child doesn’t have the acumen for the subject or they don’t have any interest in it. The individuality of teenager as a growing adult is often forgotten. The dreams and interests and aspirations of child stop becoming important.

Reinforcement of the same question can sometimes lead to identity crisis.

So now the question here is how to solve this problem.

  • Rather than stressing over this, one needs to calm down and try to connect with oneself. Take your ‘me’ time and introspect. By doing this you’ll get an insight of your true strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify your passion. Do you want to be a professional photographer? Then chuck that engineering talk.
  • Talk to your folks. Conversation is a great tool, often not used appropriately. Show them where your heart lies.
  • If they are not willing to listen to you then reach out to your teachers. They’ll definitely try convincing your parents.
  • Go to a career counselor or take an aptitude test.

You just need to keep your cool and all is required is a common platform between your aspirations and your parents’ desires. Life is like a rocky road full of bumps and cracks but that doesn’t mean you give up on it. At each stage of life you’ll have to face some form of crisis. You just have to believe in the beauty of your dreams.


This blog is written by Mira (name changed) on behalf of Reboot Wellness. Mira observes and engages with people visiting Reboot Wellness.