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Reboot to Life workshops and events are interactive programs, specially designed by leading psychologists and psychiatrists, with an aim to engage, educate, and motivate individuals and teams. These workshops and events bring emotional wellness into you life, both in and out of the workplace.

Topics for workshops and events range from happiness, health and lifestyle, tips to sleep better and creating a holistic well being, strategies to stressing less, managing conflicts, hacks for workplace wellness, healthy-but-easy recipes, digital detox, parenthood and managing attachment anxiety, working upon listening and conversation skills, to tips on striking great relationships.

Somewhere inside us is this urge to improve upon the way we live, lead a happier, more fuller & complete life. While we move from good to great life, fixing small issues, overcome our subconscious conditioning, the need to have someone help us deal with all this remains.

Reboot to Life workshops and events are a great way to achieve these fixes in life. These workshops and events are flexibly scheduled, affordable and very easily accessible. We bring to you the concept of 45-day & 90-day pass. Just buy your pass and starting rebooting your life.

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We have a panel of best psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and therapists in town. These workshops and events have been designed by and will be conducted by the leading names of wellness industry.
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We have 90 workshops & events planned over 90 days. If you miss one, there is another happening tomorrow and you can catch up on what you missed on another day. We offer the most flexible schedule for busy professionals.
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Only for Rs. 9000, you get unlimited access to all workshops and events at Reboot for a quarter, a free Ayurveda body assessment by a doctor and a fun gift to make you smile! We will be hosting 90 workshops over a period of 90 days.
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Only for Rs. 6000, you get unlimited access to all workshop and events at Reboot for 45 days and a fun gift to make you smile! We will be hosting 90 workshops over a period of 90 days.
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Why just work upon your wellbeing, spread the love by helping a friend. Bring along a buddy and get a 10% discount on the overall bill.
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Free Reboot to Life Coaster set included with every pass purchase. This creative set of humorous coasters have been created to increase awareness about mental health and addiction.
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Events Details

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Reboot to Life Workshops


May 3

Reboot: Attachment Anxiety

While experimentation with relationships is happening a lot, it takes a huge emotional toll on both partners. It is not easy to break away without any emotional baggage. Feeling stuck in the rut of one toxic relationship after another? Learn to address the fears behind this anxiety and enjoy healthier relationships.

May 3

Active Listening

We listen to reply. So which means that I listen only what I want to listen in order to give a reply. Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process and is the key to effective communication. Active Listening workshop is for people to effectively work upon their listening skills to out-perform at work, foster healthier relationships ate home and basically, have more fulfilling conversations.

May 2

Meet & Greet

Do you want help but are apprehensive about dependency or other issues? Do you have a friend who could use professional guidance but thinks psychologists are judgmental and scary? Meet & Greet is where you can address your concerns over a cup of coffee with our psychologists and counsellors. Meet and Greet is an open event for a free consult with our counsellors and psychologists.

May 2

Movie Night

Spend an easy Friday evening watching a movie with us on human psychology and mental health issues. Universally movies have proven to be an effective ice breaker for friends and family who are resisting to seek professional help. If your loved one is resisting to meet a counsellor, just bring them here to watch a movie. Every movie is followed by a small discussion on the topic.

May 2

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses art to improve a person’s mental, and emotional well-being. This form of therapy is ideal for people experiencing stress, anxiety, relationship issues and are looking to set goals. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist! The aim is to use creative expression as an outlet, and tool for introspection. Our Art Therapist has been trained at J J School of Arts, Mumbai and has worked as a therapist in Singapore for 14 years.

May 2

Music Therapy

Music therapy is one of the many expressive therapies, in which a music therapist uses music and all of its facets to help clients improve their physical and mental health. It’s a great way for team-building, de-stressing and introspection. Our trained music therapist helps you unwind with music while playing various not-so-common music instruments and creating different kinds of music through them.

May 2

Doctor’s Speak

Doctor’s speak is a platform to facilitate an open discussion between you and specialized doctors related to specific diseases and lifestyle issues. You get some very important pieces of information, tips and tricks about issues such as post partum depression, lifestyle hacks and diabetes, to name a few. We bring some very experienced and renowned doctors here to answer your burning questions.

May 1

Book Reading

An event not just for book lovers but for everyone who loves to talk about various issues in life. We bring to you famous authors, who not just read their books but also talk about their journey, inspiration and learning.

May 1

Ayurvedic Nadii Analysis

Nadii analysis is an ancient Ayurveda technique helps you understand your health problems in a holistic and customized manner. You will learn about your pulse (nadi) and how you should tweak your diet and lifestyle to work with your body’s needs. We bring specialized Ayurveda doctor to perform this analysis.

*Complimentary with 90-day workshop pass @ Rs. 9,000 only

May 1

Healthier you

Healthier You is an Ayurveda program to create a synchronized effort by mind, body and soul for much healthier version of yourself. Our experts help you achieve this interconnected view of health, for a full and complete level of health & fitness.

May 1

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is a process, not an incident. Let us help you stay strong on your journey to recovery from all kinds of addiction. The workshop helps individuals with small tips and tricks to stay stronger and prevent relapse at any stage during their recovery journey.

April 30

Reboot: Digital Detox

Digital Detox is a workshop to inspire, educate and empower you to disconnect from your electronic devices and reconnect with your inner self for a more mindful, meaningful, and balanced life, both online & offline.

April 30

Reboot: Focus/Meditation

Mindfulness in small things helps make us more efficient, focused and joyous individual. Learn simple breath observation techniques to beat stress and anxiety and live in the present moment. Six sessions should help you make the ana pana sati technique muscle memory, allowing you to beat a bad mood the moment you start entering it.

April 30

Reboot: Parenthood

Is it time to talk about having safe sex & reproduction with your teenager? Or the questions are around drugs and experimentation? We help you have these difficult conversations with your children. The workshop specifically aims at helping parents prepare for communicating effectively with your children around topics, generally considered a taboo.

April 30

Reboot: Conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable, but not necessarily painful. Learn how to communicate effectively during a conflict situation, so you can turn it into an opportunity for healthier relationships.

April 7

Reboot: The Happiness Workshop

The happiness workshop that helps one discover their own definition of happiness and success, how happiness leads to success and not vice versa. That happiness is a choice not a result and a habit that can be cultivated.

April 7

Reboot: Holistic Wellbeing

Holistic wellbeing is a 360 degree approach to health and wellbeing. This workshop series addresses 5 ingredients of well-being and helps realize a healthy and well balanced physical body as an integrated system of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

April 7

Reboot: Sleep

With increased activities and changing lifestyles, sleep is taking a big toll on several folks. Urban living has us all under-slept and over-stressed. Join us to restore your body’s natural rhythms and gain back your zest for life!