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How to Quit Alcohol? Remember the first time you asked yourself this question? You were probably alone, reflecting deeply on a problem which was directly related to your drinking habit. Subconsciously you have been echoing this question since then, but it usually results in discomfort and unease which forces you to ignore the question entirely. Why may you ask? Your failure at not being able to develop a strategy to tackle this parasitic question ‘How to Quit Alcohol?’  is the reason

But before answering How to Quit Alcohol? it’s time for a fact check- alcohol is perhaps the most addictive and dangerous drug available in the market, owing all of that popularity and damage to its social acceptability, legal permissibility, and easy availability. Every year almost 3.3 million people around the world lose their lives to alcohol addiction. The staggering figure still doesn’t take into account the lives affected due to alcoholism and the people suffering from alcohol addiction. It is estimated that around 14 million people in India suffer from alcohol addiction and require medical assistance to recover from it. Verily, the figures portray a worrying state of alcohol addiction in India and they also imply that you need to get rid of the stigma associated with alcohol addiction since you are not alone.

Also, your failure to quit shouldn’t demotivate you from trying again and the fact that you can still ask this question is enough proof that hope is still within your reach.

Accepting the problem

Everyone around you, especially the ones you love the most have already accepted the fact that you have a drinking problem and the only person reluctant to accept is ‘you’. As you always tell yourself ‘I can handle this’ after confining yourself to a private corner to find an answer to How to quit alcohol? Whereas, the truth is that you aren’t ‘yourself’ anymore.  And these could be the indications.

Alcohol is handling you!

Every time you are alone and you seek alcohol, there’s no individuality left in you and alcohol has absolute control over you.

You have been telling yourself that you don’t drink every day yet, but you binge sufficiently during the week and consume more than your body can take.

People in your social circle have started avoiding you, especially when they sense you are heading for a ‘drink’.

It is affecting your relationships with friends, spouse or children.

Your loved ones often complain about being ignored by you and feel withdrawn around you.

Most of your expenditure for ‘leisure’ and ‘relaxation’ is of alcohol and is leading to financial problems.

You think you are an ‘addict’ but are afraid to accept because of the social stigma and general perception of an ‘addict’.

You are intentionally avoiding people who confront you about the same and are excessively irritable or overreact when confronted.

You are reading this and searching for similar articles on ‘How to quit alcohol?’

Even if your answer is a reluctant ‘YES’ to some of these questions, we suggest you seek professional help and also suggest you take some popular and clinically tested self-assessment tests online like the CAGE TEST.

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