It wasn’t as if I woke up one day to find out that my family has broken due to electronic devices. I saw the change happening in the last few years. However, it struck me the most when I prepared Sunday brunch with such excitement and all by myself only to be eaten separately in our rooms!

After many days or years maybe, I decided to try something different that morning. Office and kids hardly give me time to do something exciting in the kitchen. My idea was to one, explore new things and two, make my family happy. I got up early in the morning, cut veggies, prepared dishes, laid down the perfect buffet for us. Everyone seemed to be happy but they got up putting food on their plates and moving to their respective corners and did what they were best at – got busy on their gadgets! My children shot back vehemently when I told them to put their phones down in a frustrated tone. My husband was equally amused by my rather sudden outburst. Though he did understand my feelings later, he accepts these devices as part of our lives.

What is the point of having technology if it hampers in making humane connection? I just felt so sorry for myself and my kids. Afterall, it was us who started using gadgets in front of them and we are now not able to curb its use.

Where are the heart to heart talks gone? My daughter and her friends are 8thgraders and I see them not even talking face to face, they are flipping on their phones all the time! It amused me when she wished her best friend on her birthday through a social media post when she was right beside her cutting the cake. While I will be lying if I said that I don’t like those Mothers’ day posts but I’d rather have my children listen to me than wish me on Facebook.

I so miss the hustle bustle of children shouting, talking, exalting while playing games in the evening. My children stopped going to the park as they find television to be more entertaining without any effort.

Social media attention has now taken over our late night bedroom chats. Before going off to sleep and the first thing we do getting up in the morning is check our phones. Due to the addiction, my husband has also attracted spondylitis which he refuses to attribute to use of phone. My husband, I are now such individuals who are divided by a third entity. This entity is very much alive which goes by different names – phone, tv, iPad, smartwatch etc. This is no less than an unseen ghost. Only this time we aren’t afraid of it and do not acknowledge it as a perennial problem.

Smart electronics were meant to be smart – help us do our work better and faster. It was never meant to replace personal warmth, tête-à-têteover chai or just sitting beside each other on a vacation!

My family seems to be breaking because of these devices or rather overuse of these devices.

A friend of mine has suggested me to see a counselor in Gurgaon as she thinks that we are addicted to gadgets.

I want to once again, be in the moment and enjoy the moment. I rather not click pictures but make lifetime memories.