Reboot Wellness – What we do?

Reboot Wellness has created an ecosystem for addressing all kinds of lifestyle-related problems, substance abuse, and addiction. We act as an interventionist, by bringing together experts from fields of medicine, psychology and motivational groups. Reboot facilitates complete recovery, starting from medical consultation to counseling support and post-recovery, peer group motivation. We aim to provide wellness through long-term healing and build positive hope for individuals and their families.

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At Hangout, addicts have no hang-ups


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In words of the leading newspaper itself – Soothing music in the background acts as a balm. Movie nights, reading sessions, therapy through painting and cooking sessions, this cafe is innovating with various themes as it offers visitors a menu of quick bites.

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A Hangout with a difference


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In words of the leading financial newspaper – Battling inner demons is not easy, especially when social stigma stares you in the face. And who would know it better than those going through mental health problems arising from substance abuse and addiction, including social media cravings.

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