Legalize Marijuana – is marijuana therapeutic, harmless, addictive?

Reading the newspaper article “Youngsters try to weed out taboo…Demand Marijuana Be Legalized, Say it’s not same as Other Banned Drugs”, their argument to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes brought a smile to my face.  I have never before seen so much concern in youngsters for health issues ☺

Legalize Marijuana – is marijuana therapeutic, harmless, addictive?

It reminded me of how happy I felt when I read the Time magazine cover story in 2016 about how marijuana was being successfully used in helping war veterans’ deal with their phantom pain and in their post-traumatic stress disorder treatment. It offered me – a recovering alcoholic/addict – a glimmer of hope to get stoned once again. In spite of being clean and sober for 23 years at the time, I had always harboured a desire to enjoy – after retirement – the “enhanced sensory perception” provided by pot and properly experience (the way it should be by an audiophile) the advances in audio/video technology that had taken place over the 23 years that I’d been a good boy and a spiritual seeker to boot. Suddenly there appeared (out of the blue) an air of legitimacy to this whole business of getting stoned.  Seriously!!

Since then I’ve agonized whether to revisit my hippie days from the early seventies when our credo for life used to read “if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space”. I’m a 62 years old baby boomer, if you haven’t guessed that by now and I was just about getting ready to receive my lifetime achievement award – the joys of not working supported by “medicinal marijuana” was already sounding like music to my ears.  

I was going nowhere fast trying to figure it out in my head. I understood marijuana has its uses in medicine, but I also knew that smoking the stuff would still cause changes to the way I would perceive reality. I know that much hadn’t yet changed.  As I just couldn’t decide and was getting increasingly frustrated sitting on the fence, I started to explore the risks and the benefits, and the pros and the cons of smoking weed.

We all know what marijuana is and what happens to the brain and body when you smoke marijuana from the disruptions to the impairments to the alterations and the difficulties – certain brain systems get over activated and brain cells get stimulated to release dopamine etc.

Part one towards answering the question of the day – to smoke or not to smoke weed? Watch this space…

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Ashwani Kumar Anand
Peer Recovery Coach and Mentor at Reboot Wellness
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  • Great article Ashwani. Leaves me thinking – to smoke or not to smoke ????? Look forward to the continuation of this blog.

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