Legalize Marijuana – Is marijuana therapeutic, harmless, addictive?

I guess it’s best to now address the possible medicinal effects of marijuana because that’s what all the hoo-ha was about in the first place.

Yes, research does suggest the potential therapeutic value of marijuana in many health conditions including pain, nausea, epilepsy, obesity, wasting disease, addiction, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions – treatment of pain in patients with advanced cancer; to stimulate appetite in patients with wasting syndrome due to AIDS and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Legalize Marijuana – Is marijuana therapeutic, harmless, addictive?

My peripheral vision is reducing all the time due to glaucoma and I have practically tunnel vision already.  My biggest fear is going blind like my Dad who also had glaucoma and lived the last few years of his life totally without sight. So imagine my excitement when I learnt that marijuana could be used to treat glaucoma, since the plant’s active ingredients have the therapeutic potential to decrease ocular pressure.

Yay! I have not yet rushed to either my ophthalmologist nor to a pusher, but I am in serious contemplation – just think about it…watching 4K Netflix content and Bluray music concerts stoned till forever. Yippee!

But heh guys…these are alarming issues to those who have them and their families. Nothing funny about going blind, cancer, AIDS, epilepsy etc. Maybe I need to back off a bit here and get serious.

I also require to consider the associated serious health and safety risks…including respiratory illnesses, dependence, mental health-related problems, and other issues such as impaired driving skills and an increase in accident risk…which is compounded when marijuana is used with alcohol.

And how much do I really know about dosage and potency (which has been increasing over the years)? The ways marijuana is used are also changing – consuming edible forms like baked goods, vaporizing devices, and high-potency extracts and oils (e.g., “dabbing”). This lack of accurate info about dosage or potency can lead to serious consequences such as hospitalizations for psychosis and other overdose-related symptoms.

Oral dosing (capsules and oral solutions) of medications containing cannabinoids is preferred because dosing can be controlled and regulated…safe and effective for use in chronic or severe medical conditions.

Recreational use…??

Written by —

Ashwani Kumar Anand
Peer Recovery Coach and Mentor at Reboot Wellness
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