Sleep recovery program by Reboot Wellness Center in Gurgaon is methodically designed with an aim to help you manage sleep-related issues like Insomnia in a therapeutic manner.

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Program Details

Program Goals:

  • Overcome any sleep disorders like Insomnia
  • Improve overall quality of sleep

Program Highlights:

  • Trained Expert - Doctors & Counselors in Delhi NCR
  • Who can benefit - Teenagers, New mothers, Elderly people, Professionals in high-stress jobs, People with substance misuse problems
  • Planned to succeed: Evenly spread program structure, across 4 weeks for regular assessment of results.

Program Structure

Program Structure:

  • Day 1 - Assessment by a Psychologist
  • Day 2 - Sleep education, evaluation of sleeping habits and best practices
  • Day 3 - Customised structure to bring change in behaviour and habits
  • Day 4 - Review patterns, give tips and techniques

Program Duration:

  • 4 weeks


Program Cost:

A single consultation for sleep recovery would cost Rs. 1,500 (for online session) and Rs. 2,000 (for offline session)

The program cost for 4 sessions would be Rs 6,500 (for online sessions)  and Rs. 9,500 (for offline sessions)

*This includes an assessment by a Psychologist as well as counsellor sessions.

*Cost also includes support group membership for 1-month post program.


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Further Information:

Sleep Well - The way we feel and function when awake, depends profoundly on how we sleep!

Sleep is as important to a human being as is food, water and exercise.The quantity and quality of sleep, at the right times, impacts mental & physical health along with qualitative living and safety.
Many of us experience compromised sleeping patterns, especially insomnia; However continue with it, not realizing how it is affecting us. Sleep problems are increasingly becoming very common, triggered by stress, and leading to poor mental physical and emotional well-being. It's high time that an awareness is created for a need of good sleep for good health. Sleeping well not just helps avoid long-standing medical problems, but also contributes towards having a healthy body in long term.

Why Sleep Well ?

How much Sleep is enough?

There is no defined 'sleep-time' that fits everyone. However, we share the common goal of waking up rested, fresh and rejuvenated. By the books, adults should sleep for 6 to 8 hours per night on a regular basis to promote optimal health,” says Ronald Chervin, MD, MS, the president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). The basic idea is that each person has a sleep requirement of his own and it is programmed in such a way that if that is fulfilled then one feel refreshed and allows him/her to function normally the following day.

With changing lifestyle and stress-induced work environment, people often forget to acknowledge the importance of adequate rest. Sleep is not just an act that we have to do each day; however is a multi-dimensional state affecting our healthy survival.

It has been proved by researchers that people who don’t sleep well suffer from many forms of illnesses, one that is primarily termed as Chronic Insomnia (lack of adequate sleep). These people have a high chance of developing psychiatric problems leading to stress-related issues and productivity problems at the workplace. Loss of sleep can lead to memory loss, problems in performing tasks related to learning, and logical reasoning. Some of the outcomes of all these can be a hindrance to workplace growth, learning issues at school/college and relationship troubles.

Sleep Recovery Program by Reboot Wellness is methodically designed intervention program, aimed to help you manage sleep-related issues like Insomnia and adopt nourishing sleep habits. The program combines medical and psychological aspects to develop a personalized, need-based plan aiming towards 'quality sleep'. The unique program also gives you an opportunity to be a part of peer motivational groups for enhancing sustainability, developing association and reinforcing positive patterns.