All workshops are designed on the concepts of positive psychology and help address common stresses of urban life in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR. The workshops come with interactive activities, one or more takeaway strategies to implement practically and a small gift related to the chosen topic. Workshops can be 90 min, 4 hours or whole day long basis the need and require a minimum of 8 participants.

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Workshop Description:

  • Trained Expert – Medical Practitioners & Counsellors
  • Who can benefit – Professionals in high-stress and late working jobs, Recovering & Relapsing addicts
  • Personalized Attention – We offer personalized attention to each person, who needs help.

Workshop Description

The happiness workshop that helps one discover their own definition of happiness and success, how happiness leads to success and not vice versa. That happiness is a choice not a result. You’ll be as happy as you decide to be. The key to be happy is knowing that you can choose to be happy.

Workshop Duration:

  • 90 min, 4 hours or whole day long, depending upon your need and require a minimum of 8 participants


Program Cost:

For queries write to or call 0124-456-9-456 and ask for Ruhika Gambhir or Saloni Malhotra.



Watch Saloni Malhotra – Founder & Director, Reboot Wellness, talk about the vision behind Reboot