Prevention of Substance Abuse | Gurgaon | Reboot Wellness

We are all dummies so don’t be offended by the head line, but substances make us dummies for real. Isn’t it? Feck that for now!

As obvious with any condition, the first step is always self cognizance of the condition. So basically if your signs and symptoms prove you are a diabetic, you can either choose to come to terms or keep eating your jalebis. Similarly if you have passed the substance abuse test as a positive, or even a probable, you better raise your ears like a nordic fox when he hears an uncanny sound.

It’s good news that you know you are sick, than being oblivious. The next steps are simple if you are game. If you not then any simple step is mammoth. So, assuming you are game, let’s set sail. Now you realize you have a substance problem and wondering like alice in wonderland as how deep the rabbit hole goes, right? But trust me, the rabbit hole only goes as deep as you allow it to go. The world is no wonderland and you surely are not Alice. Coming back to square one that you have a problem. I’ll tell you what, realizing that you have a problem is battle half won.

Trust me there!

Most of the addicts I have come across have a low self esteem, a grim image of the society, and a deep unwillingness to accept life as it is. So what we are looking at here is not just serving and correcting habits and behavior, but social outlook too. A negative social outlook in general is a good enough reason for an individual to develop recluse habits. And that’s where defiance of the reality and substance abuse starts.

I am now gonna talk about post acceptance period and how to control urges and active usage.

You know you have problem and have the willingness to address it as any other disease, which it is. Let me break a simple myth before I begin, people at some addiction institutions say that control is beyond any addict.  I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. What  I can believe is that you do need intervention to break the rut. But beyond that it is your own holy brain. Again, recovery goes through different periods. Assume that I am an active alcohol user and my history spans 10 years of active drinking, surely beyond healthy limits. And now at an imaginary point in my life I realize have a problem. Bingo! ‘Coz hurdle number one is done.

Now, the next and necessary step is to seek help. Help can be in multiple forms – familial help, Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous, CODA, etc. depending on your situation. But, help is a must, I insist.

Not one in my stint, have I ever seen someone come out of this alone. There is simple science behind that. Prolonged substance usage results in our brain’s reward pathway being tweaked beyond repair. Our neurons form strong connections supporting substance abuse, add to that, the substances eventually exploits the survival pathway. This gets you into thinking drugs are necessary for survival. Which of course is a false belief.

It is basically about hacking your brain.

This blog is written by Samir (name changed) for Reboot Wellness. Samir is on recovery journey, sharing his thoughts for others to ponder upon and maybe, get inspired.