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Deaddiction Programs at Reboot Wellness

Substance abuse deaddiction program by Reboot is an evidence based program to help one overcome substance-related issues. Our programs address the issue of de-addiction under medical supervision, with the assistance of psychologist as well as peer-recovery counsellor, in a safe and effective way. 

Counsellors and therapists at Reboot adopt proven interventions for managing people with substance use disorders and addictions. The process often involves a combination of medication, counselling, and support group meetings. Additionally, our approach involves recovery through many pathways, tailored to fit the unique cultural values and psychological and behavioral health needs of each individual.

We cover topics like understanding the disease of addiction, the family’s role, emotions such as anger, shame as well as risk & consequences of substance abuse, as a part of our deaddiction programs offered in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.

Watch Ashwani Kumar Anand at Reboot Wellness talk about his approach towards addressing issues of an Alcoholic

Family Care

Families of addicts suffer as much as the addicts themselves. While often ignored, family therapy is also very critical. Family Therapy provides support to the family of the addict, and this helps to repair relationships, building back careers and recovering reputations.

Reboot Wellness – Deaddiction Facilities

Our intensive outpatient deaddiction programs range from quit smoking to alcohol deaddiction and drugs deaddiction. We also have digital detox and social media deaddiciton programs, with growing demand for these issues, constantly affecting health, families, and relationships.

Our outpatient services provide both group and individual sessions and referred to psychiatrist for medications when required. These components of care can be offered during the day, before or after work or school, or in the evenings and weekends. Typically, outpatient programs are appropriate as the initial level of care for individuals with a mild to moderate lifestyle issues and substance use disorder, can be accomplished in a cost-effective as compared to no treatment at all.


Deaddiction Program – Scheduling & Structure

A typical deaddiction program will be structured as hourly sessions pre-decided between the counsellor and the patient. The sessions will be repeated, as per the requirement, on case-to-case basis. The expected trajectory of care explains why efforts to maintain patient motivation and engagement are important.

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