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With only a few months into her marriage, Pooja (name changed) realized that her husband might have a serious problem related to alcohol. He wasn’t just a ‘big drinker’; his moods and decisions were often dependent on alcohol consumption and what it did to him.

After reading a lot of information on Internet, Pooja realized that her husband had what is commonly referred to as ‘Dr. Jekyll and Hyde’ syndrome in the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step program. He would be calm, relaxed and loving after a couple of drinks and behave absolutely differently the next morning, when the effects had worn off. This erratic behaviour and personality changes confused Pooja. She didn’t know what to expect!

Meeting people struggling with their addiction and witnessing dilemma of their families on how to help the addict is painful. Some of the most killing thoughts are the addict, who is also a loved one, starts to feel like a burden. The constant worry and question of how to help the addict, is quite inundating for the family. There is this forever confusion that lurks in corners of mind…should the addict be sent to a rehab or a counselling center?

Pooja’s husband was travelling and she wanted to utilize her week doing something constructive, instead of thinking about what will happen when he comes back and starts drinking again. Flipping pages of a newspaper, she came across an article about a place called Reboot Wellness, which has a café called The Hangout.   

She instantly decided to visit the place hoping to meet some more people suffering like herself. As soon as she entered the place, the sound of soothing music and relaxing ambience created by pastel shades of walls swelled up her hopes for a normal life.

At The Hangout, she met a few more with similar stories, attended a few Al-Anon meetings and spoke to counsellors, who guided her on helping her husband recover, by getting him to agree for counselling.

Pooja also wanted to understand more about Rehabilitation center and assess it as one of her options. With the help of trained staff at Reboot Wellness, Pooja learned that ‘Rehab’ or ‘Residential Rehabilitation’ is basically an alcohol and/or drug treatment programme which is offered in a full-residential setup. A rehab typically adopts an ‘abstinence-based’ method of treatment. Rehabs generally have a team, including doctors, who can offer medicine based treatment to the enrolled patients and abstain them from consuming alcohol or drugs.

Assessing their situation and after having a few individual as well as joint counselling sessions, Pooja’s husband agreed on signing up for an Alcohol Deaddiction Program at Reboot Wellness.

Considering that he was a full time working professional, taking a break for a couple of months to stay at a Rehab, would have hurt his career. Taking a flexible yet very effective program at Reboot Wellness did sound like the best option to them. Also because, Reboot Wellness not just offered a program for the alcoholic but also therapy & support group meetings for Pooja as well.

During counselling sessions, Pooja’s husband had the opportunity to speak to a professional counsellor about all the issues which concerned him. After listening to some of his core issues, the counsellor was able to help him identify his triggers and come up with some healthy coping mechanisms that would help him to deal with anxiety and/or stress and teach him how to respond in specific situations.

While both Rehab and Counselling centers have their own benefits, each situation demands a different reaction. It is important for both the addict as well as their family to understand their situation and take a well-informed decision on their options. Sometimes, there may not be an alternative other than checking in to a Rehab. However that also should be done with well-informed alternatives and knowing about various options available. And in almost all scenarios, post-care detox with counselling is always required.


This blog is written by Mira (name changed) on behalf of Reboot Wellness. Mira observes and engages with people visiting Reboot Wellness.