Do you face Bipolar Mood Disorder?

Treatment for Bipolar Mood Disorder at Reboot Wellness center in Gurgaon is methodically designed with an aim to help you manage symptoms of bipolar disorder and related issues, in a therapeutic manner.



  • Overcome bipolar and related symptoms
  • Improve overall quality of life


  • Trained Experts - Doctors & Counsellors in Delhi NCR
  • Who can benefit - Anyone, with symptoms of bipolar
  • Designed to succeed - Customized structure, to bring about a positive change
  • Additional benefits - Review patterns to give tips and techniques 
  • The Hangout - Reboot provides access to a cafe style seating area called The Hangout, which has proven to be especially beneficial for people suffering from issues related to mental health.



  • First Consult - - Assessment by a Psychologist, typically lasts for 45 to 60 min
  • Counselling sessions - Typically for 45-60 min, are taken by expert psychologists with interventions by Psychiatrist, as deemed necessary



A single consultation for anxiety counselling would cost Rs. 2,000

The package cost for 5 sessions would be Rs 9,500 

*This includes an assessment by a Psychologist as well as counsellor sessions.


Watch a video by TED- What is Bipolar Disorder



Bipolar disorder is a condition involving an extreme variation in mood from excess elation to depression.

People with bipolar disorder generally have their life split between periods of extremes. Sometimes they feel very happy and energized and at other times, the feeling of sadness, hopeless, and sluggishness, just can't go away. The periods in between those extremes, they feel normal. These extremes if moods are like two poles of a person't emotional state and hence the condition is called Bipolar disorder. People suffering from Bipolar are at the highest risk of committing or attempting suicide.

Further Information:

Common symptoms of Bipolar disorder:

  • Mood: mood swings, sadness, elevated mood, anger, anxiety, apathy, apprehension, euphoria, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, or loss of interest or pleasure in activities
  • Behavioural: irritability, risk-taking behaviours, disorganised behaviour, aggression, agitation, crying, excess desire for sex, hyperactivity, impulsivity, restlessness, or self-harm
  • Cognitive: unwanted thoughts, delusion, lack of concentration, racing thoughts, slowness in activity, or false belief of superiority
  • Psychological: depression, manic episode, agitated depression, or paranoia
  • Sleep: difficulty falling asleep or excess sleepiness
  • Weight: weight gain or weight loss

Treatment for Bipolar Mood Disorder at Reboot Wellness is methodically designed, aimed to help you manage symptoms of bipolar and related issues, in a therapeutic manner.

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