Live a Stress free life with Best Depression Management in Gurgaon, South Delhi

The number of cases of depression and mental disorders in India are scarring.  With complex lifestyles, living choices and relationships […]

That Winter Night

Understanding alcohol addiction as a family disease

That winter night, at a self-help support group meeting, a complete stranger, someone I had never met before, told my […]

I started showing up in my own life

Love the addict, hate the addiction

What’s happening? Often, we find ourselves in the dark not knowing what is happening to us. We are unable to […]

Alcohol de addiction in Gurgaon | Reboot Wellness

Dealing with a family member with addiction

Facing the Consequences As long as the alcoholic has his enabling devices in place, it is easy for him to […]

Alcohol de addiction in Gurgaon | Reboot Wellness

Enabling – When ‘Helping’ Doesn’t Really Help

Many times when family and friends try to “help” alcoholics and addicts, they are actually making it easier for them […]

Relapse | Alcohol de addiction in NCR | Reboot Wellness

Relapse during recovery is a process, not an event

Whilst counselling a friend’s adult alcoholic son in Bengaluru earlier this month, Rahul – sober at the time for 10 […]

Drug Abuse | Counselling in Gurgaon | Reboot Wellness

Legalize Marijuana – is marijuana therapeutic, harmless, addictive? (Part 7)

Lest potheads complain that I’m picking on them, may I point out that the three stages of addiction we talked […]