Reboot Wellness has created an ecosystem for addressing all kinds of lifestyle-related problems, substance abuse and addiction. We act as an interventionist, by bringing together experts from fields of medicine, psychology and motivational groups. Reboot facilitates complete recovery, starting from medical consultation to counseling support and post-recovery, peer group motivation. We aim to provide wellness through long term healing and build positive hope for individuals and their families.

Watch Saloni Malhotra – Founder & Director, Reboot Wellness, talk about the vision behind Reboot

Reboot Wellness provides treatment of all kinds of lifestyle diseases like depression, anxiety, insomnia / sleep disorder, and many more, as well as overcoming all kind of addictions like alcohol, cigarette, tobacco and party drugs.

Our approach at Reboot Wellness is scientifically designed with a holistic and personalized approach towards care of each client.

Since lifestyle diseases and addiction cases require continuing care, the availability of an out-patient facility at Reboot helps especially for working professionals, students and people with an ongoing day schedule.

We offer a range of services with varying intensities and duration to meet the clinical as well as psychological needs of each individual, without disrupting their ongoing day-to-day work routine.

At Reboot, medical consultation combined with counselling support based treatment method gets results that last for long term. We are known for:

  • All under one roof– A unique combination of medical consultation and counselling support.
  • Out-patient care – You don’t have to stop everything in life for overcoming an addition problem. Our programs are designed in a way that these can be undertaken alongside your regular day-to-day work schedules.
  • Specialized programs – Time focused, specialized programs for issues like Smoking, Alcohol and Sleep.
  • Experts on board – We have a team of leading professionals from each relevant field on board.
  • Support programs for children and corporate – We have specifically designed programs for Children and corporate.

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