Lifestyle diseases like depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues or sleep disorder and substance abuse problems are generally addressed with a dual approach involving medical consultation and counseling support. While medical consultation provides the basic framework to establish current state of person and finds out the need for a medication support, counseling is needed to keep the recovery process going. Counselors create and manage a support system during recovery by forming a relationship built on trust, required resources, and judgement-free guidance that the person can utilize on their road to recovery.

The journey and road to recovery can be often tough as many individuals with lifestyle issues and substance abuse habit fail to recognize their own pattern, or have ambivalent feelings about seeking treatment. Generally, the patient’s motivation to change has often been a source of frustration, since counselors have little control over a patient’s desire to change.

That’s where the community motivation comes in. It helps the patient rethink its current approaches to motivation, helping them find a style that will best meet their individual needs.

Although change is ultimately the in the hands of the patient, a community of like-minded people facing similar issues can help enhance client motivation throughout different stages of their recovery. The role of a community goes far beyond treatment and counseling.

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