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According to the World Health Organization, 36% of Indians are likely to suffer from major depression at any time and an estimated 46% of the working population in India is depressed, anxious or suffering from stress-related problem. How many of them get treatment? A new study by ‘The Lancet’ found that despite the rising mental health disorders in India, only about 1 in 10 people receive evidence-based treatment or go for counselling.

We all experience our share of highs and lows, periods of stress and intense emotions but does it prolong and has become a constant in your lives? It is hard know if it’s time to see a professional help or even recognise there is a problem. “I am not crazy!” or “What will my family say?” are some of the things which crop up in our minds.

Once you have identified and acknowledged you are facing a problem, it becomes easier to make a decision and go to a counselling clinic. The earlier you take a decision, the better it is for you and people around you.

How exactly do you know that you need counselling? Watch out for all or some of these signs:

Experiencing intense emotions

Okay, so often we hear that my anger is my weakness. How? Has it always been like this or off late it has come to an extent that is hindering your capability to function? Feeling of intense anger or sadness can lead to panic attacks and even cause you to avoid things. Once we start avoiding things as they come instead of facing it that ‘thing’ becomes even bigger and we may go into a complete shell.


Substance is not only limited to alcohol or drugs. It is seen that certain type of food can also give a high or a low. Some people crave sugar for instance and use sugary foods to curb their stress. Sometimes this leads to frequent or everyday use and needs deaddiction. If you find yourself using some substance every time you experience intense emotions or stress it can be a sign of trying to numb that feeling of sadness or stress.


You can’t seem to get over a trauma or a tragedy of death in the family, a breakup or job loss. You have either withdrawn from activities you once enjoyed and with your friends or have excessively engaged yourself into one. These are also signs that it is time for professional help.

Physical symptoms

Check for some of physical signs such as frequent head or stomach ache, nausea, lack of or excessive sleep or plain lethargy with no apparent medical condition.

Stress can manifest itself in a variety of physical ways. From a seemingly benign head ache it can lead to chronic migraines, spondylitis and so on. You may also experience diminishing sex drive.

Strained relationships

Are you picking up tiffs at workplace? Do you often find yourself discontent communicating with your loved ones leading to frequent altercations? Due to various reasons your relationships are being impacted or perhaps you need relationship counselling altogether! In either case, it could be a sign to visit a counsellor.

Worst case scenario

They say a pessimist sees the glass half empty but do you start seeing empty glass even before it appears? It is time to check your tendency. When an unforeseen challenge appears some of us imagine the worst of it and start panicking. In this form of anxiety, smallest of uncertainty is seen with greater magnitude and as a real problem even when there is none.

Your close ones have noticed

Has that one good friend or family member asked, “Is everything okay?” or “Do you want to discuss something with me?” Sometimes while we don’t recognise the problem, our closed ones do notice patterns and behavioral changes in us. Perhaps, it is time to pay heed to their remarks, some of which may not always be direct.

Author: Vibhuti Chhibber