Family Counselling

Family counselling, like the name suggests, is a type of therapy that involves the whole family. The idea behind it is that families having difficulties or that have one person who is going through a tough time go to see a counsellor/therapist and try to sort out the issues together.

They work on their relationships with each other, try to improve communication and get an understanding about what factors in the family are causing problems for people. Sometimes families can be affected by certain events or changes – bereavement, a divorce, moving to a new place or loss of a job – and can need to take some time to deal with whatever happened.

If you decide as a family to work through an issue or problem, you need to find a counsellor or therapist who specialises in working with families. You must find counselling services in your area. Counsellors are trained and experienced in working on marriage conflicts, family feuds, uneventful occasions leading to discontent among members et al. Some of the issues that counselling helps with are:

Improve communication within the family unit

Family counsellor can help all the family members understand their roles in the family and show them the benefits of open and honest communication. If a member of the family is suffering from a disability all members would be going through their own process about this and own loss feelings which can easily fragment the family unit.IN such situations, a counselling session for all members can help to ‘break the ice’ and enable them to understand each other positively without creating conflicts.

Enhance relationships and strengthen bonds

Many siblings have their conflicts and depending on the nature of them, if they go unresolved it can seriously harm the connection in the family. It is easy for parents to fail to understand these children or invalidate the significance, hence raising children with unresolved feelings. Seeing a family counsellor should help you understand your children much better, and know how to express feelings and bring them together.

When dealing with a trauma, divorce, unforeseen circumstances

Counsellors are able to identify possible reasons why there are misunderstandings and conflicts in the family, and help resolve them.  This can save your family unit and often make it stronger. In case a member wants to go on with the divorce, the counsellor prepares all the members involved into accepting the circumstances in a healthy way.

Mental and physical health

Being relaxed and at peace is important for mental and physical health. Peace, however, comes when everyone understands each other, and are willing to work as a team. As long as there is someone to listen to your woes and help you whenever possible, then all family members will enjoy more harmony. Most people however need to understand their spouses and children with some helpful facilitation; with the help of a family and a marriage counsellor, your family will be helped to identify certain problems and know how to handle them in a constructive adult way.

Planning for future course of action

With the wake of smart devices and entertainment systems, most people turn to their gadgets, televisions and smartphones, when stressed or facing a problem. This is more like running away from, or hiding from your problems which only makes some members of the family concerned and maybe stressed. Family counselling will also help tap any gadget addiction so as to bring all the members of the family one platform and choose a course of action which is healthy for their future.

Author: Vibhuti Chhibber